Benefits of being a member

It’s rewarding to become a SIETAR UK member.
Enjoy 12 months of stimulating, intercultural webinars, events and social gatherings as a member of SIETAR UK.

You’ll also have virtual access to a range of online webinars on intercultural topics and, through our extensive network, to seminars and conferences around the world.

Benefits at a glance:

  • discounted or free SIETAR UK events
  • work, training and recruiting opportunities through our SIETAR network
  • information about congresses, conferences, training days and social events – within SIETAR as well as the intercultural community at large
  • discounts on SIETAR events worldwide (at times equal to the cost of your annual membership)
  • opportunities to participate in special interest groups and task forces
  • a chance to share experiences, resources, and best practices
  • 10% discount on selected cultureQs accreditation programmes
  • 10% discount on WorldWork’s assessments

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