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Autumn 2020

Virtual Events from around the SIETAR Global Network


Dear Members,

We are excited to share with you the carefully curated list of virtual events that are taking place around the SIETAR Global Network throughout Autumn 2020, as well as some other intercultural events that we think you may enjoy. We hope that this will provide you with a good quality edutainment.



SIETAR EU Anti-racism Learning Event“Taking Another Look in the Rear-View Mirror” by Susan Holm. 23 September, 18-19:30pm CET. Register here.

Monthly Global Dexterity Meetup by Professor Andy Molinsky.
24 September 2020, 18:00-19:15 BST. Register here. Topic: Relationships across cultures.

It’s worth noting that this regular meetup is a fun, intellectual & collaborative forum to discuss important articles and ideas in the intercultural field. Next date & time TBC. We suggest you follow Melissa Hahn on LinkedIn for further updates.


SIETAR USA are bringing their 2020 conference to a virtual space. It will be delivered over five days, October 8-13. The theme is:
Moving Ahead: Learning from the Global Crisis. For more information visit the conference website.

Building Resilience with Cultural Intelligence for a VUCA World, by Lucy Butters (Elembee Ltd).
14 October, 10:00-11:30 BST. Register here.

SIETAR EU Webinar: “Skills 4.0 – Soft, but Hard to Get: Impact of Digitization on Training and Leadership” by Dr. Nina Dziatzko.
15 October, 18:00-19:00 CET. Register here.

SIETAR Switzerland has switched its 2020 congress to a virtual format. Sessions will spread from October 23 to November 28.  More details, including the programme and registration are available here.

SIETAR EU Virtual Coffee Break: “How do we teach Artificial Intelligence not to discriminate in the recruitment process? by Camilla Deghert and Gradiola Kapaj. 27 October, 11:00-11:40 CET. Register here.


SIETAR EU Webinar: “How History Builds Values: Delivering Culture-Specific Training – a Focus on Brazil” by Mariana de Oliveira Barros and Adrienne Sweetwater. 12 November, 18:00-19:00 CET. Register here.

SIETAR EU Virtual Coffee Break: “What are your experiences of conducting cross-cultural workshops for the “social media generation” by Kalaivani Mattern and Camilla Deghert. 25 November, 11:00-11:40 CET. Register here.


SIETAR EU Virtual Coffee Break: “What creative methods could we use in the intercultural training evaluation process for the full illustration of the ROI?” by Gabriela Weglowska and Gradiola Kapaj. 15 December, 11:00-11:40 CET. Register here.

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Are you a volunteer who supports refugees? Then have a look at our free Intercultural Awareness Handbook. It outlines the key concepts and activities used in an intercultural awareness training session delivered on 19th of May 2018 to volunteers who support refugees and asylum seekers in the Midlands, UK. (This Handbook was funded by the Faculty of Social Sciences Research Development Fund 2018.)


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We’re always looking for an extra pair of hands to help SIETAR UK grow.

If you want to join the team, share an idea or write a blog for us, then drop us a note.