Meet the Board

Adrian Pilbeam
Adrian has worked for over 30 years in the area of international communication, as a trainer, consultant, writer of training materials and trainer trainer. He has lived and worked in France, Portugal, Belgium and Spain, and runs his own training and consulting company LTS training and Consulting, based in Bath. Adrian sees his primary role at SIETAR UK as an ambassador to convince trainers and would-be trainers of the benefits of being part of the SIETAR network both in terms of what they can learn and what they can share with others.
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Guy Bondonneau
Guy Bondonneau is an intercultural consultant and trainer focusing on building bridges between people of different cultures. He draws on his personal multicultural life experience and a diverse professional life. After finishing his civil engineering studies in Zurich, he came to London; after a stint at the French Chamber of Commerce he went into banking, then worked as a purchasing agent for a Saudi company for their projects in Saudi Arabia, as an interior designer, and a web designer before turning to his multicultural roots helping people to become interculturally competent. Guy is always interested in learning about people, thoughts and things.
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Agnes Bamford
Director of Professional Development
Agnes is an experienced intercultural business coach, trainer and facilitator, with a Norwegian and South-African background. She is regularly leads workshops at the Norwegian School of Economics and is a Board member of the Norwegian-British Chamber of Commerce. Agnes holds an MSc in business administration and has qualifications in comparative politics, psychology and teaching. She is licensed to deliver The International Profiler (TIP) and International Preferences Indicator (IPI) from Worldwork.
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Johanna Westhauser
Director of Membership
Johanna is a global business consultant with focus on inclusion & diversity, communication & culture, and learning & development. After spending 6 years at Willis Towers Watson delivering global projects to FTSE 100 clients, she now advises corporates and public organisations on responsible business, working for Business In The Community. Johanna holds an MSc with distinction in Intercultural Business Communication from Edinburgh Napier University and speaks five languages – guess which ones.
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Dr Katharina Lefringhausen
Director of Research & Academic Relations
Katharina is an Assistant Professor at the University of Warwick in Applied Linguistics with experience in intercultural training and development. Her research interests focus on the acculturation of host community nationals towards multicultural societies, Universities and workplaces. She has an MSc and PhD in Cross-Cultural Psychology and has worked in the USA, Belgium, Germany and the UK.
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Ciaran O'Brien
Director of Community Development
Ciaran is an experienced intercultural trainer and consultant with a background in Higher Education. He focuses primarily on Cultural Awareness, Equality and Diversity, Inclusion, Culture Shock and Faith in the Workplace. Ciaran holds an MA in Intercultural Communication and is trained in Mediation and Conflict Resolution. He also has over a decade of experience in Community Development, supporting and leading projects aimed at breaking down barriers, enhancing understanding and strengthening rapport between people of different faiths and cultural backgrounds.
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Felicia Schwartz
Director of Corporate Relations
Felicia has pursued an international career in branding working for global communication agencies such as Ogilvy and Dentsu. Her work took her from her native Austria to France, the U.S. and eventually to China, where she spent 13 years and specialized in strategic planning and consumer insights. Currently based in London, Felicia helps brands and companies understand the Chinese consumer through cultural insight research and achieve effective business objectives through cross-cultural communication training. She has worked extensively with HR teams, delivered business skills courses as well as global mobility workshops including to youth. She has experience across a number of sectors such as automobile, luxury, cosmetics, retail and fast moving consumer goods.
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Gabriela Weglowska
Communications Director

Gabriela is an Intercultural Skills Consultant at Learnlight. She focuses on cultural competence, soft skills and diversity & inclusion. She advises on and designs learning content and blended solutions for global clients. Gabriela holds an MA in Intercultural Business Communication and a CIPD diploma in Learning & Development. She is also an intercultural coach and trainer, licensed to deliver The International Profiler (TIP) and Cultural Intelligence (CQ). She enjoys working with others towards mutual goals that create an impact and is enthusiastic about developing new opportunities for SIETAR.

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Faeza Afzal
Marketing Director
Born and raised in Saudi Arabia, Faeza Afzal is a Bangladeshi-Canadian who studied Economics and Management at the University of Oxford and now works at The London School Group. Her career has spanned multiple cities and sectors including school administration in Jeddah, higher education recruitment and online media marketing in Toronto, as well as banking, events and intercultural training in London. Her diverse background allows her to bring an international perspective to her professional roles and she enjoys learning about new cultures and sharing about her international experiences.
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Seiji Nakano
Digital Director
Seiji is a digital learning designer/developer and intercultural trainer with a focus on seeking a better way to connect people, cultures and technologies. After living outside of Japan for 10 years and obtaining an MA in Intercultural Communication, he decided to experiment, becoming a Japanese salaryman himself in order to observe and analyse the deeply rooted distinctive culture. He has worked as an IT consultant, HR Manager and has a great interest in Language and Personality.
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