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Adrian Pilbeam
Adrian has worked for over 30 years in the area of international communication, as a trainer, consultant, writer of training materials and trainer trainer. He has lived and worked in France, Portugal, Belgium and Spain, and runs his own training and consulting company LTS training and Consulting, based in Bath. Adrian sees his primary role at SIETAR UK as an ambassador to convince trainers and would-be trainers of the benefits of being part of the SIETAR network both in terms of what they can learn and what they can share with others.
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Guy Bondonneau
Guy Bondonneau is an intercultural consultant and trainer focusing on building bridges between people of different cultures. He draws on his personal multicultural life experience and a diverse professional life. After finishing his civil engineering studies in Zurich, he came to London; after a stint at the French Chamber of Commerce he went into banking, then worked as a purchasing agent for a Saudi company for their projects in Saudi Arabia, as an interior designer, and a web designer before turning to his multicultural roots helping people to become interculturally competent. Guy is always interested in learning about people, thoughts and things.
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Johanna Westhauser
Director of Membership
Johanna is a global business consultant with focus on inclusion & diversity, communication & culture, and learning & development. After spending 6 years at Willis Towers Watson delivering global projects to FTSE 100 clients, she now advises corporates and public organisations on responsible business, working for Business In The Community. Johanna holds an MSc with distinction in Intercultural Business Communication from Edinburgh Napier University and speaks five languages – guess which ones.
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Dr Katharina Lefringhausen
Director of Community Development
Katharina is an Assistant Professor at the University of Warwick in Applied Linguistics with experience in intercultural training and development. Her research interests focus on the acculturation of host community nationals towards multicultural societies, Universities and workplaces. She has an MSc and PhD in Cross-Cultural Psychology and has worked in the USA, Belgium, Germany and the UK.
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Zhaohui (Clytie) Tian
Director of Events
Clytie is a PhD candidate at the University of Warwick in Applied Linguistics. Her research explores intercultural working experiences between Chinese and Kenyan employees in Kenya-based Chinese companies. She works part-time as an intercultural training facilitator, PG mentor and academic seminar event organiser and has intercultural collaboration experiences in China, UK, Jordan and Kenya with people from diverse backgrounds. She holds an MSc in Intercultural Communication for Business and the Professions and a BA in English, and her interest is always around real-life intercultural matters.
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Gabriela Weglowska
Director of Professional Development

Gabriela Weglowska is a learning & development professional with a focus on intercultural competence training, consulting and coaching. She designs learning with neuroscience in mind, develops solutions for global clients and coaches new interculturalists in their career development. She holds an MA in Intercultural Business Communication and a CIPD diploma in Learning & Development. She currently works at WorldWork Ltd as Learning Solutions Designer & Marketing Executive, and serves on the SIETAR UK Board as Communications Director. 

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Nadezhda Chalykh
Director of Communications and Marketing
Nadezhda Chalykh is CEO and founder of Cultureyes Consultants. She is a trainer, consultant and lecturer delivering programmes focusing on cross-cultural understanding, acceptance, effective teamwork and leadership across cultures. In her work, she has put emphasis on helping businesses and individuals to better understand Russia, France and the UK. She currently works in corporate and academic environments. Enthusiastic learner and passionate player, she enjoys encouraging people’s natural playfulness and includes gaming elements in her training programs. Nadezhda holds a Masters degree in Communications from Sup Career, INSEEC business school (Paris, France). Born in Russia, she has evolved in cross-cultural environments for the past 13 years. She spent 9 years living, studying and working in France. For the past 3 years, she has been living and working in London, further developing her cross-cultural knowledge. Nadezhda’s corporate background includes 7 years of work in the advertising industry, in Paris and London, managing multinational clients and working across international teams. Nadezhda is a lecturer at ISCOM and EURIDIS business schools in Paris, delivering theoretical courses and training to the students of national and international programs.
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May Tungtakanpoung
Director of Research & Academic Affairs
May is a lecturer in Human Resource Management, London South Bank University. She specializes in cross-cultural management. Her current research looks into how cultural distinctiveness and cultural characteristics may serve as a strategic resource for organisations. This includes the interactions of people across cultures. She has completed the program for Cross Cultural Management, Tokyo, JAPAN (Association for Overseas Technical Scholarship Alumni (AOTS). She was selected to participate in the Master Class for Global Cross Cultural Management (GCCM) in 2011 and 2016 provided by Prof. Hofstede and the team at Maastrich University. This will enable her to develop cross-cultural management research in the future. May is a module leader for Organisational Behaviour in an International Context which covers national culture, organisational culture, global leadership, international business negotiation, cultural intelligence. inter-cultural competence and ethics. The module is for students to develop a global mindset in a global market. May is a Chartered Fellow CIPD. Her role is to hold a strategic position and demonstrates the expertise to the key areas of HR to promote and achieve organisation success. She has an MA in HRM and her PhD is about National Culture and Employees’ Behaviour.
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