December 13, 2023    
5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

An online interactive session by Maura di Mauro – Intercultural Trainer, DEI & Sustainability Specialist and member of SIETAR Italia

SIETAR UK hosted an event for all Sietarians who are involved in projects concerning Refugees and Asylum Seekers (RAAS). The session was held jointly with the SIETAR Europa SIG for Migration and SIETAR Switzerland.

The following questions were posed by the speaker, Maura di Mauro:

How, as interculturalists, can we contribute to migrants’ integration, particularly third-country nationals? How can we support the building of intercultural competences so as to facilitate migrants’ integration process? And how can the building of intercultural competences support the inclusion of an intercultural perspective in migrants’ integration policy?

This session gave the opportunity to understand how to include an intercultural perspective in migrants’ integration policy, and to extend participants’ intercultural training toolkits.

During the 90 minute interactive session, the speaker shared the main highlights of one of the recent projects she has worked on: the EU-BELONG project, aimed at improving the socio-economic inclusion and migrants’ sense of belonging.

She also shared the main recommendations and practices synthesized in the handbook “Building Intercultural Competences” developed for regional authorities and local stakeholders. Participants were actively involved in sharing their training & consultant experiences, and their intercultural practices about migrants’ integration projects.

A pdf version of the slides are available here: Building Intercultural Competences.

About the speaker:

Maura Di Mauro – is a very passionate Intercultural Trainer, Diversity and Inclusion & Sustainability Specialist. She is a past President of SIETAR Italia. She is a qualified Global Diversity, Equality Inclusion Benchmark (GDEIB®) Assessor Practitioner, and she is one of the European Intercultural Cities Network Consultants. She teaches Intercultural Business Management at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, and on the topics of her interest she has written several publications, among which: “Cittadini Globali. Strumenti per la formazione interculturali” (2023, La Meridiana); “Building Intercultural Competences. A handbook for regions and stakeholders (2023, AER); “Women 4: Superare le disparità di genere” (2022, Fondazione GiGroup); “Diversity Management. Riconoscere e Valorizzare le Competenze dei Migranti” (2021, Fondazione ISMU).