Member Benefits

Some of the things you can benefit from as a SIETAR UK member:

+ access to the SIETAR UK database of intercultural trainers, consultants and coaches;
+ regular networking opportunities;
+ discounts on SIETAR events worldwide;
+ opportunities to participate in special interest groups;
+ a chance to share experiences and best practices;
+ join the SIETAR Europa mailing lists and gain access to their events;
+ join our Boost program as a mentor or a mentee;
+ 15% discount on the Country Navigator Licensing Affiliate Programme;
+ 10% discount on cultureQs accreditation programmes
+ 10% discount on WorldWork’s assessments;
+ 10% discount on the online train-the-trainer course, Developing intercultural training skills, delivered by LTS Training and Consulting
+ Buy one get one free at Culture Buff Games;
+ A CultureConnector one-to-one coaching licence for new-joiners of SIETAR UK. Request the licence within 3 months of first joining SIETAR UK..

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