Past events

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19 January: From Maps to Navigation Systems: Writing about Culture 20 Years on (with Robert Gibson)


24 November: US and UK Business Teams Working Together (with Martin Bartholomew and Mark Fritz)

6 November: A Brief Exploration of the Cultural Journeys of Refugees and Volunteers: A 3h Short Online Intercultural Training Session (A special event offered for volunteers who work with refugees as SIETAR UK’s  response to the  influx of refugees from Afghanistan)

11 October: SIETAR UK Networking Event (Virtual)

4 August: Understanding Culture – An Overview of Psychological Theories (A virtual event via the RAAS project with Dr Katharina Lefringhausen)

28 June: SIETAR UK Summer party (Virtual networking event)

27 May: Intercultural Challenges of Remote Work – Practice and Research Today (A virtual conference jointly organised by the London Centre for Business and Entrepreneurship Research(LCBER), LSBU Business School and the Society for Intercultural Education, Training, and Research (SIETAR, UK)

28 April: SIETAR UK Annual General Meeting (AGM)

2 March: Using Videos in Teaching Intercultural Communication (An interactive session with John Twitchin)

2 February: Managing Relations across Cultures: An Evaluation Perspective (Webinar with Professor Helen Spencer-Oatey)


14 December: SIETAR UK’s Virtual Networking Event (Virtual world cafe style)

24 November: SIETAR UK’s Refugees and Asylum Seekers Project Update (Interactive discussion)

18 November: Virtual Learning Success Factors (A collaborating, virtual learning experience delivered jointly by SIETAR UK and SIETAR Southeast Asia)

7 September: Pricing Your Services – Change What You’re Worth and Get It!

30 July: The Annual SIETAR UK’s Summer Party

24 June: Boosting Your Inclusion Strategy – The Value of Cultural Diversity and Inclusion for Organizational Success (SIETAR UK and BGRS joint webinar)

20 May: Reconciling Intercultural Dilemmas by Fons Trompenaars & Alex Morgan

16 April: the Annual General Meeting (AGM) & 2020 Board Elections

26 March: Japanese Supper Club – ‘At home with Seiji’ (Virtual cooking event)

13 February: Dating Across Cultures

30 January: Re-framing Intercultural Communication for Engineers



10 December: SIETAR UK Winter Party

16 November: SIETAR UK’s Mini-Congress 2019 – Building Dialogues on Diversity

22 October: The Brain, Bias and Behavior: Neuroscience of Unconscious Bias

19 September: Polish Supper Club

4 July: SIETAR UK Summer Party

30 May – 1 June: SIETAR Europa Congress

8 May: HR management practices and trends across cultures

3 April: SIETAR UK AGM at London School of International Communication

21 March: How to use ‘reflection on language’ for intercultural training

25 February: New research trends and networking opportunities

31 January: Unconscious bias and cultural adaptation in intercultural training


4 December: SIETAR UK Christmas Drinks at London School of International Communication

6 November: Cultural Insights and food marketing in China and the Middle East

15 October: Intercultural Gamification 2: Learn about Chinese culture with cartoon games

17 September: Intercultural Gamification 1: Black Panther Video Clips and introducing the board game diversophy Norway

5 July: SIETAR UK Summer Party at Truckles

24 May: BOOST mentoring programme launch event at London School of International Communication

18 April: Splintered society: Do interculturalists have a role to play?

27 March: Annual General Meeting

18 January: How to succeed as an intercultural trainer



5 December: SIETAR UK Christmas party





16 November: Banter, racism and acculturation: intercultural dynamics in diverse sports teams





14 October: Mini-SIETAR Europa Congress





20 September: Diversity Icebreaker workshop





6 September: SIETAR UK Supper Club – Filipino Cuisine





6 June: SIETAR UK summer party





6 May: Intercultural communication training & coaching skills workshop






27 April: How is productivity measured in different cultures?





6 April: First of three UBUNTU  community workshops





30 March: SIETAR UK Annual General Meeting





27 March: Is multiculturalism dead?





27 February: Culture and intergenerational relations

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30 January: SIETAR UK supper club – Indian experience





15 December: Christmas party

12 November: Global innovation (Cambridge) – sponsored by SpeakCulture

10 November: Bamboo Strong – Cultural intelligence model (joint event with CIPR International and Birkbeck University of London)

21 September: Panel discussion on repatriation

22 July: Internationalising higher education conference and summer party

7 July: Taster workshop: women in business or the workplace in the Middle East

28-30 June: International Post Graduate Conference of Applied Linguistics, Warwick University (SIETAR UK as sponsor)

10 June: Leading and managing intercultural teams, in partnership with Roffey Park Institute

1 June: Upgrade your networking skills (read a summary of the event in our community blog)

27-29 May: Interculturalists and Migration

14 April: How to convince conservative locals to accept multiculturalism (watch 3-minute summary or read about the event in our community blog)

7 March: Annual General Meeting

24 February: Intercultural trainer career advancement

8 February: Crossing Boundaries – Globalising Universities

27 January: Professional development session ‘Intercultural assessment tools’


16 December: Holiday networking event

30 November: Cultural influences in sport psychology

28 October: Culture as a living system of life

30 September: Autumn inspiration – intercultural medley

30 June: SIETAR UK Summer Party

26 May: ‘The 3 S of Networking’ – talk by Cecilia Lui

12 May: Webinar ‘Negotiating Across Cultures. The 7 most costly mistakes companies make.’

8 April: Webinar ‘Lost and Found in connection: challenges and opportunities of virtual teams’

26 March: Annual General Meeting – members only

16 March: Webinar ‘Sales skills for the intercultural trainer’

16 February: Webinar ‘Tacit knowledge, culture and informal learning’

2 February: Workshop ‘Using film in intercultural training, education and coaching’

21 January: January networking event


16 October: Autumn networking event

8 October: Creative brainstorming session

1 July: Birkbeck Department of Linguistics Summer Party

10 July: Joint event – Engaging Communication Globally