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US and UK Business Teams Working Together (with Martin Bartholomew and Mark Fritz)

Date: Wednesday, 24 November | Time: 18:00-19:00 BST | Place: Zoom

What to expect:

We may speak the same language, but we can be very different in our working practices. Those differences can make for a cultural gulf of misunderstanding and disappointment or provide a powerful combination.

This SIETAR workshop will examine how to recognise those differences and harness them to achieve intercultural understanding and superstar performance. Although focused upon the US/UK model, workshop participants can apply their learning to any intercultural combination.

Who can attend: 

SIETAR members or people who are interested in finding out more about SIETAR UK

The speakers: 

Martin Bartholomew is a British business intercultural coach who has worked with a number of split US/UK teams to find a basis of trust.

Mark Fritz is an American with extensive experience coaching teams and individuals in USA, UK and across the World.

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