Upcoming events

24 June: “Boosting your Inclusion Strategy: The Value of Cultural Diversity and Inclusion for Organizational Success.”

Virtual event: GoToMeeting (GTM) – see registration link below

Time: 18:30 – 20:00 (BST)


Moderator: Gabriela Weglowska, SIETAR UK’s Communication Director

Please register via this link

Summary of the event

We are pleased to be partnering with BGRS to deliver the next virtual event.

The speakers will bring together Mobility, Human Resource, and Intercultural professionals to discuss leveraging cultural diversity and inclusion as a unique strategic resource. Many organizations have developed a diversity and inclusion agenda at differing stages of progress and levels of success. The majority of these agendas focus on gender, race, age, LGBTQ+, and disability. Cultural diversity is often incorporated into “race” and overlooked as resource and an essential consideration in international organizations.

During the event, we will explore how organizations can boost their inclusion approach and turn diverse culture into an asset by effectively recognizing and supporting this population, as well as training and developing their unique skills and perspectives.

The speakers will provide a balanced picture of the gaps and challenges organizations face and practical ways in which existing structures could be leveraged to boost inclusion strategies with more awareness and a more targeted approach.

Session topics will include:

  • Creating a globally successful HR system
  • Recruitment, selection, and appraisal processes across global cultures
  • The opportunities that Mobility provides as a unique strategic resource
  • Adaptations recommended for fostering diversity needs, filling the management pipeline and the skills gap
  • Case studies on diversity & inclusion approaches within mobility
  • Practical tools for enhancing a global mindset across an organization, including on virtual teams and international assignments

Please register via this link


July (date TBC): The Annual SIETAR UK’s Summer Party

An informal, virtual networking event: Zoom

Time: 18:30 – 20:00 (approx.) BST

Special feature: Top tips on how to network in a virtual space.

Watch this space for further annoucements