SIETAR UK strongly condemns the recent action of the Russian government  in invading Ukraine, a sovereign, independent country with a democratically elected government.

This unprovoked action goes against all the values of SIETAR UK. As an organisation, we stand for cultural plurality, reflected in our values of openness, respect and diversity and inclusion.

We feel the impact of this action even more strongly because one of our SIETAR Europa board members is Ukrainian and is presently in Kyiv. We stand in solidarity with her and all the Ukrainian people who have shown such courage and determination to defend their country.

We applaud the response of those countries bordering Ukraine for their generosity in receiving refugees fleeing the violence in Ukraine. But we also urge the immigration authorities of those countries to treat all people equally, no matter what their ethnic background.

For people who may receive refugees from Ukraine in the UK, we would like to inform you of our free programme of cultural awareness training for those assisting refugees and people seeking asylum (RAAS Programme). Please contact for further details.

In the meantime, Ukraine and its people need all the support we can give them. Organisations that will receive donations and direct them to the support of Ukraine and its population include: – this brings together 15 leading charities. The UK government will match all donations till a target of £20 million has been reached. – this will also match your donation until the available funds run out. Act now