Islamophobia: Is it Baked into Britain?–by Neil Payne


October 11, 2022    
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Following on from his recent webinars on Islamophobia for SIETAR Europa Direct members, Neil will be asking SIETAR UK members to consider the current state of affairs in the UK and how it impacts us as interculturalists.

A TCK (third culture kid) with roots in both the Middle East and England, Neil studied Islam for 20 years including time in Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt, Turkey and Malaysia. As a trainer working in the UK and covering Muslim-majority countries he has encountered Islamophobia frequently enough to recognise how deeply woven into the fabric of British culture it is. This session will hear his reflections on its roots, how it’s changed over the last decade and what we can practically do to bring about positive change.

Neil has written an article to expand on the ideas in his presentation. Here is a link to it in our Blogs section