Implementing EDI strategy in international contexts: challenges and opportunities?


November 10, 2022    
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Over the last two decades, the terms ‘equality, diversity and inclusion’ (EDI) and ‘diversity management’ (DM) have travelled globally as transnational organisations and institutions have sought to introduce them in a range of settings. However, what is meant by these terms in different national and cultural contexts may vary greatly.

The topic will be addressed by two presenters – Sarah Christensen and Aidan McKearney. Their two presentations will consider how EDI and DM are interpreted in two very different national contexts – United Arab Emirates, in the case of Saran Christensen, who is based there, and the Russian Federation, in the case of Aidan McKearney. (Note: The research and data collection for Aidan’s presentation was, conducted before the current crisis/war in Ukraine).


The speakers

Sarah Christensen

As a Chartered Occupational Psychologist with 20+ years’ of international experience, Sarah has expertise in the fields of leadership development, coaching, wellbeing, diversity and inclusion and talent management. She has an in-depth knowledge of how best to deliver organisational-wide cultural change programmes that positively impact performance and behaviour at the individual, team and organisational level.

Sarah is deeply passionate about supporting employees in the workplace and understands the unique challenges that come with blending performance and wellbeing. She is driven to provide practical solutions to ensure everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Sarah has her own professional practice, Christensen Consultancy. This is a people development consultancy which believes in performance through inclusion. She is proud to help organisations to grow in a dynamic and competitive marketplace by harnessing the potential of each and every employee in a healthy and mindful way. She works closely with her clients to put into place strategies, values and systems that will leverage the power of diverse perspectives and nurture talent in an inclusive and empowering way.

Dr. Aidan McKearney

Aidan is Associate Professor of Human Resource Management at London South Bank University. His research focuses on:

Sexual Citizenship in society and in the workplace:

In particular issues surrounding LGBT rights and the management of diversity within the workplace. His particular interest concerns inclusive organisation practices, and ways in which organisations can adopt strategic approaches to develop inclusive organisation cultures.

Global EDI:

He has also been involved in exploring Global HRM with particular focus on the transference of practices, for example, diversity practices within organisations in Russia.

Employee Voice:

The role of macro and micro context factors in setting voice cultures and behaviours (current research involves Nigeria, Thailand and the UK).

His other university responsibilities include PhD supervision, postgraduate and undergraduate HRM teaching, on modules such as Employment Relations, Managing Diversity, Research Methods and Employee Engagement.